A Few Things...

I am an artist and graphic designer. My design philosophy is best described as a plate full of great ideas, sauced with color and texture and sweetened with humor. I use research, a vast love of reading and history and a curiousity about just about everything to enhance and enrich my concepts.

Things I Believe

If it can be imagined it can be done.

Magical thinking is a valid mindset if it creates joy.

That it's too bad the word "synergy" was co-opted by New Age psuedo-philosophy. It's too cool a concept for a bumper sticker.

Farmer's Market vegetables just plain taste better.

If I had a thousand dollars to spend in a clothing store or a book store, hands down it would be the book store.

Every generation longs for the simpler days and worries about the strangeness they see in the future. This is our fate. But, since there's nothing you can do about either the lost past or the invisible future, you should just make now as good as you can.

Hats on children are unbearably cute.

Cell phones are, at best, a mixed blessing, and probably one of the worst mistakes we ever made.

The edge between land and water is so appealing to us because it represents, in our deepest fish mind, the point at which we begin to breath.

Ego is for chumps.

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